Organominerals based biochemicals/ protects plants from biotic stress / bio-stimulant category as per FCO, schedule...

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Organominerals based biochemicals/ protects plants from biotic stress / bio-stimulant category as per FCO, schedule VI: (b) biochemical

  • Can be used on grain crops, vegetables, fruit crops, lawns, turf, floriculture, ornamental plants, etc.
  • Beneficial minerals:
    • Potassium: significant increase in biomass of the crop yield by aiding in the absorption of co2 in the plants, increasing growth improving drought resistance, activating many enzyme systems, maintaining turgor, reducing water loss & wilting, aiding in photosynthesis and food formation, reducing respiration, preventing energy loss, enhancing translocation of sugars and starch, produces grains rich in starch, increasing protein content of plants and also helps by retarding crop diseases.
    • Magnesium: This helps to activate different life cycles and stages of plant growth and aids in photosynthesis.
    • Calcium: calcium helps transport nutrients from the roots throughout the plant and helps to build strong cell walls.
    • Phosphorus: stimulated root development, increased stalk and stem strength, improved flower formation & seed production, more uniform and earlier crop maturity, increased nitrogen n-fixing capacity of legumes, improvements in crop quality, increased resistance to plant diseases, supports development throughout entire life cycle.
  • Soil drenching: the organominerals increase the fertility of the soil, aiding in general health and vigour of the plant.
  • When applied to plants, develops an excellent resistance to plant infections.
  • Improves immunity of the plants, thereby enhancing the ability of fight against undesirable biotic stress.


  • Organominerals, macronutrients, stabilizers.


CROP: All crops- biotic stress

Ratio: Foliar spray

Apply zymo biologique at 2.0 -4.0g/l of water according to crop development stage. Can be applied from nursery to harvesting.

Soil application: apply zymo biologique at 3.0 g/l of water for soil application through drip irrigation, fertigation system or manual drenching.

Frequency of application: Once in 3-5 days, 3 rounds of application.

Type of application: Soil drenching/ fertigation/ foliar spraying


  • The product should be stored in a cool & dry place.


  • Not for human consumption. For intended use only. Keep out of reach of children.